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Photographers, Scientists Take Over ICP Instagram Account for Climate Change – Photo Journal – WSJ

The International Center of Photography launched a series last week that includes an Instagram “takeover” as part of its fall program, highlighting the role of photography in understanding climate change.  Each week through Jan. 5, a different photographer or member of the scientific community will post images to the ICP Instagram account that focus on subjects related to climate change and also complement the center’s current exhibition “Sebastião Salgado: Genesis.”


VII photo agency co-founder Ron Haviv led the first week of the takeover, which will also feature photographers Nina Berman, James Whitlow Delano, Balazs Gardi, Ed Kashi, Daniel Kukla, Gideon Mendel, Camille Seaman, Francesco Fiondella and Joshua Wolfe in coming weeks.


Krishna Knabe, director of communications at ICP, said the center has previously used Instagram to encourage social discussion. “It’s a platform for images, but also for ideas and engagement. The person posting is creating their own context for their image and can discuss it directly with the audience. That’s not always possible in other venues,” she said.


ICP Executive Director Mark Lubell said that the organization’s mission extends beyond the exhibition of photography, using the medium to also foster social change by calling attention to global issues. “Instagram and other new tools like it offer powerful ways to use photographs to reach massive audiences, to communicate and provide a forum for discussion,” Mr. Lubell said. “Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century, and as we were building fall public programs to accompany the Salgado exhibition, the Instagram takeovers became obvious.”

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