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Photographing on the Ground in Gaza

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Sergey Ponomarev, 33, is a freelance photographer covering the conflict in Gaza on assignment for The New York Times. He grew up in Moscow and Ireland and has previously worked for The Associated Press. He spoke to James Estrin from Gaza City on Saturday evening.

¬ęI went straight to Rafah and stayed almost a week there at the home of a local photographer.

It was a war routine. You leave early in the morning to see the houses destroyed the night before. Then you go to funerals, then to the hospital because more injured people arrive, and in the evening you go back to see more destroyed houses.

It was the same thing every day, just switching between Rafah and Khan Younis. One morning we woke up quite early from a huge explosion nearby and the neighboring house was destroyed. A day later I moved to Gaza because Tyler was leaving and I had to replace him here¬Ľ.

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