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EUROPE’S NEW BORDERS. by Rasmus Degnbol

Borders is something that is difficult definable for us who have never experienced war or unfriendliness of the European countries, and with both the Schengen agreement and EU enlargement in 2000‚Äôs the borders have become increasingly blurred in our consciousness ‚Äď until 2015.

Impresionante trabajo de fotografía documental contemporánea:

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Firecracker is platform dedicated to supporting european women photographers.








Despite many fantastic women working with photographic media, the industry continues to be dominated by male counterparts.

Firecracker assists the promotion of women photographers by showcasing their work in a series of monthly online gallery features. Photographers are brought to our attention via a network of industry professionals and guest curator spots from high profile individuals.

Firecracker also aims to close the gap between practicioners and professionals by hosting regular photographic events and networking opportunities.

In 2012 the annual Firecracker Photographic Grant was launched to assist a woman photographer born or residing in Europe with the completion of a documentary photographic project.

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