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Hipstamatic: too hip for photojournalism? – Correspondent

Hipstamatic: too hip for photojournalism? – Correspondent.

Patrick did what he could, and then he switched to ‚ÄėPlan B‚Äô.

‚ÄúMy girlfriend gave me an iPhone 5 for Christmas and I had been playing with the photo apps just for fun, and sharing the results on my Facebook page. I‚Äôm keenly aware of the controversy about using them in a pro context, and I‚Äôve been reluctant to do so. But faced with the frustration of not being able to of working freely, I didn‚Äôt hesitate.‚ÄĚ

Hipstamatic, one of the most popular photo apps on iPhone, offers a range of film-like effects (official motto: “digital photography never looked so analog”). But unlike photo-driven platform Instagram, it requires users to set the filters before the shots are taken.

‚ÄúPhotographers write with light,‚ÄĚ Patrick said, explaining his choice. ‚ÄúBecause I couldn‚Äôt do that ‚Äď i.e. I had no control over the aperture of my smartphone ‚Äď I decided to ‚Äėwrite‚Äô with Hipstamatic. Whatever one says about the results, I have to say: it was fun.‚ÄĚ

A picture taken with an iPhone using Hipstamatic shows Iraqi youth standing next to a Chevrolet Corvette from the 1970s during the Friday motor show in Baghdad's district of Al-Jadriya on February 8, 2013.


Jueves, 26 de junio de 2014